Replacement Coil for Roland MKS-70 and JX-10 VFD Displays
A replacement solution for your failed Sumida display coil
for the NEC FIP32A6R 1x40 VFD display

A couple of of us Roland MKS-70 and JX-10 users on the yahoo group for the Roland JX Analogs are gathering interest to produce a short run of replacement coils to fix non-functioning VFD displays that are failing due a failed Sumida coil. If you are one of MKS-70 or JX-10 owners whose display is no longer functioning because of a failed display coil. Here is your chance to get it fixed. You may even want to stock up in case it ever fails again in the future, or you want to have them on hand for future purchase of these wonderful synths.We are not doing this to make any profit, but simply to help the Roland users out there (including ourselves) with a viable solution to this issue.

Here are the basic details:

  • The price per part will vary from $30 to $60 USD each but final cost per piece will be determined by the final number of orders at the deadline date.
  • Payment must be made before the order is placed. Order is prepared and placed the following week.
  • The order will take approximately 8-12 weeks to deliver as the parts are manufactured and shipped out.
  • Only sign up if you are certain you really need the part(s) and can pay for them at the time of order placement.
  • No refunds or guarantees will be made, other than the guarantee the manufacturer provides (which may be none).
  • You must aggre to the terms and conditions set forth below. There is a lot of legal text (we have to cover ourselves).
  • Installation must be done yourself, or buy an electronics professional. Installation instructions will be available online.
  • See images and the longer explanation below for details.
  • Join the Super JX yahoo group for the threads and keep up on other JX stuff.


Place Your Order:

By placing your order interest below, you are securing a place in line for a part, and helping to reduce the cost per part. By ordering, you are also agreeing to pay for the part when we send you a final PayPal invoice.

* I Agree to the Terms and Conditions below.
The Long Story:

Is your Roland MKS-70 or Roland JX-10 sitting useless because of a non functioning VFD display? Well, ours is too! After all these years, there is a part on the display board that has likely failed and has caused the display to no longer function. It's typically the Sumida inductor coil (see the orange circle in the pics). These are small wire coils that are wrapped tightly into a small ferrous spool and then capped with the same ferrous type shell. In between this is a lot of rubbery gunk and lots of very thin wires wrapped up in each other. These parts are known to fail, and it's likely that more will fail in the future. But, here's the real problem; These parts are no longer made, nor available from Sumida, Roland US or Roland Europe. Nor, are they available at any electronic supply warehouses, shops, internet wholesalers, or outlets anymore either. Their life cycle has expired. To make matters worse, there is no data sheet for this part to be found by searching the internet, nor is it available from Sumida or Roland either (hey, that was almost 30 years ago). So, the only solution one is left with is to buy another MKS-70 or JX-10 to either replace the unit, or just the display. Which,would be destroying a perfectly beautiful machine that is only going to acquire more vintage status over the years. In effect, you would be destroying a beautiful creative tool, and a piece of history. Shame!

'So, what else is one to do', you ask? The only real option left to us was to have a short run of these replacement parts remanufactured 'to electronic spec'. The solution may not be an exact replica of the existing part, but will accommodate the electronic specifications and space requirements available in both machines. For the MKS-70, there is already enough space for a larger solution, because the metal cutout in the frame (indicated by the pink rectangle in the pics). Since the production run is small, the replacement parts are going to be expensive to produce (anywhere from $20-$60 USD each). This price will vary, based on the interest and number of orders we have gathered from those in the same necessity for this part and ordering it here, now. This cost however, is very small considering there are no sources for this part anymore, and the cost of replacing an entire unit ($500 - $1000), or display board unit ($300 - $600) far outweighs this cost. We are not selling these parts for profit, but to accommodate the needs of dedicated users of these fine machines. The price will include the manufacturing, shipping and VAT costs to produce and distribute the parts.

What you are buying here is a replacement part for these displays. You will need to install the part yourself (soldering/de soldering and some electronics skill and tools required!). Or you can hire an electronics/music equipment repair professional in your area to do the work for you. Or you may find someone experienced with the MKS-70 or other Roland products from that era to do the work from somewhere online. I would not count on certified Roland US or Roland Europe centers to install this part for you. They may decline to do so because it is not their parts (even though they don't have anymore original parts). They are not going to guarantee or accept anything that is not theirs or from their distro. And, they are not likely going to remanufacture this part either. That's why we are going through all this hassle to do it ourselves. Erm, Roland. Are you hearing this?

We are gathering as many interested parties out there right now, so that we may place as large order as possible to accommodate the current needs. The larger the order, the cheaper the parts will be. Once the order deadline has been reached, we will take the final count and use the estimates provided by our manufacturer to reach a per piece price. All parties will be notified by e-mail of the final price per piece and sent a PayPal invoice to pay for the part. You will only have 3 days to make the payment so that we can get the order placed as promptly as possible. So, please do not buy this product if you do not plan to be around to pay for it, or do not feel confident you can or will pay for it when the time comes.

NOTE!!! Please be absolutely certain that the reason your display is not working is because of a failed coil!
Your display may not work for several reasons, including a broken filament in the VFD display itself. If this is the case for you, then you may well be out of luck on replacing your display as those are also not available from Roland anymore either, nor are they available from the original manufacturer (Noritake, Japan) or parts suppliers. Take very good care of them. You can check if your filaments are still intact by scanning over the screen with a flashlight (and good eyes). There is one in the middle running vertically, and two long ones running horizontally across the screen. If these are intact, then the display may still be fine. Unless, the VFD has burned out, cracked or leaked.



This is the Display Board from an MKS-70. The orange circle is the existing coil. These often fail.
The pink rectangle is the cutaway area (also shown below) that is available for a replacement solution.



The coil and cut-away area on the MKS-70. There is 25-30mm of depth clearance for a solution here.


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