about me

A little bit about myself. I am a very creative individual with an analytic and technical side as well. I find it's the perfect balance between the left and right centers of the brain. This is helpful in my career because I have to be flexible in both technical programming and creative design tasks.

I started my design career as a senior at Coronado High School back in 1988. We didn't have the internet back then, and most of us didn't even have a personal computer yet. It was the days of dark rooms, blue lines, light tables and wax machines... fun stuff! Thankfully, those days are over.

As things progressed, I took up HTML and Java script in 1995 to learn the new media called the Internet. I worked for a variety of great companies and corporations, learning new tricks along the way. Eventually, my web design skills became web development skills as the coding requirements and technologies grew substantially. I learned several programming languages, API's, Frameworks and IDE's as these came to light in the industry.

As a software and web developer, I must develop and test on both Mac and Windows systems. Typically, from OS version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) through 10.9 (Mavericks,) and Windows XP through Windows 8. I keep all versions of these Operating Systems available for testing on my home computers. I am fluent in Mac, Windows, and many Unix-based computer systems.

Here are some of my strong points...

  • Experienced web software developer with over 15 years industry experience with a variety of programming languages. I am well versed in the conception, design, development, testing and deployment of successful software products and systems for a variety of markets.

  • Owner and developer of reKon audio (http://www.rekonaudio.com), a small web-based business that produces VST-AU plug-ins and Standalone software products that support classic analog and digital MIDI hardware synthesizers. With over 10 products, a user-base of over 2,000 customers, and a good sales track record since 2005.

  • Experienced with developing and marketing software, hardware, and other technology-based products.

  • Professional web developer responsible for the design, development, deployment and management of web-based Content Management Systems, Product Licensing and End-User support systems used in the marketing and support of a variety of products and services. I have a great portfolio of web sites I have developed /co-developed for mid to high-end clients and my own business.

  • I have a deadline driven, and detail oriented work ethic. I have great interpersonal skills and understand how to approach different situations with grace. I have worked well in both a team environment, or independently. I have held both on-site and off-site positions successfully over my years of employment. As a former business owner myself, I am naturally self-motivated to create new and exciting products.

Technical Skills

I am proficient in many technologies, tools, software and hardware used in the design, production and management of web-based systems on UNIX, Mac and Windows platforms. There are far too many to list in this resume, but here are the technologies and applications I use the most:


Web Development
  • LAMP/ MAMP/WAMP/ AAMP, PHP, Apache, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, etc.
  • Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Navicat, FileZilla, Putty
  • Several HTML, scripting and graphics production applications
  • All major browsers and platforms tested
iOS and Android Development
  • Visual Studio 2005 - 2012 (C, C++, VB, etc.)
  • XCode 3 - 5 (C, C++, CoreAudio, AU frameworks.)
  • JUCE 1.0 - 3.0 framework
  • Several 2-D and 3-D graphics production applications
Repository Source Control
  • Subversion SVN, GIT, GITHub, SourceSafe, etc.
Business & Project Management
  • All Microsoft Office™ and OpenOffice™ applications
  • Most spread sheet and database applications (Excel, Access, SQL, mySQL)
  • Atlassian JIRA and Microsoft Project applications for PM
  • VPN, Teamviewer and other Remote support applications


Just some of the many clients I have developed and/or co-developed front-end web sites and Content Management Systems for. See my Portfolio page for more details.

Job History

  • The Firm Graphics

    August 06 to December 13
    Professional Web Developer and Design Contractor.
  • reKon audio

    June 05 to Present
    Owner and Software Developer of DAW plug-in applications.
  • Insurance Technologies

    May 00 to August 06
    Web Developer and Graphics Production Specialist.

    February 99 to April 00
    Corporate Graphics and Web Production Engineer.
  • Origin Communications

    March 97 to January 99
    Graphics and Web Designer, Marketing Support.
  • The Sign Shop Ltd.

    July 92 to February 97
    Computer Graphics Production Specialist and Signage Engineer.

personal interests

  • Outdoors

    I enjoy mother nature. Hiking, camping, fishing, touring, snowboarding, skateboarding and other outdoor activities with friends and family. Colorado is the perfect place for a creative mind seeking inspirational freedom.
  • Art & Music

    I have been creating art and music for over 20 years. I enjoy applying my understanding of art and music to as many avenues in life as possible. I enjoy everything about synthesizers and have several of them to play around with.
  • Movies

    I love watching movies! Especially old movies, before computer animation. I love modern movies too, but there is so much great material to see that is now long gone from the local theatres. Something nostalgic, something magical.
  • Hobbies

    It's rare, but when I do have spare time, or just need something else to do, I enjoy fine scale modelling. I improve my airbrush and painting techniques as I go, and I also learn a lot about the world and history with this hobby.